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Event Summary

Join the Kids Club! Now a FREE, monthly, virtual series.

Join us Friday, August 21st at 6 pm for a one-way ticket to Creation Station!

This family-friendly art class led by local experts from Wine and Design will help channel your child’s inner Picasso while creating their own mini-masterpiece.

Event Details

No artistic talent is needed - we'll take your child through the art lesson step by step! They will be able to participate at home along with the instructor, using either paint, crayons, or markers on paper. 


This is a FREE event! But if you would like to purchase a painting kit ($25 per kit) follow the links below to register and pick up from your closest Wine & Design studio in either Mt. Pleasant, Summerville, or West Ashley! After ordering your kit, please allow at least 2 hours before it will be ready for pick up. You will be emailed when it's outside.

KIT INCLUDES: pre-traced canvas, paint, pallet, brushes, and paper towels!

Mt.Pleasant Click Here
West Ashley Click Here
Summerville Click Here
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